Pets are precious, valued members of our families and naturally, pet owners want to provide their pets with the best food available. Pet food that is safe, tasty, healthy and nutritionally well-balanced.

Maintaining chewiness, taste and freshness of pet food kibbles ensures that your pet will enjoy his food. Our range of specialty emulsifiers for pet food kibbles prevent fat separation, maintains moisture and softness.  In addition, our solutions support an increased shelf life that provides extra flexibility for retailers and convenience for consumers.

Health and Nutrition

Dental health is a common concern with cats and dogs. Older pets can develop conditions, such as calculus (tartar), gingivitis and are at risk of losing teeth. The benefits of calcium lactate for oral health have been known since the 1960’s. calcium lactate is being included in an increasing number of dental health products for humans, that carry anti-tartar and anti-caries claims.

Our range of highly bioavailable minerals help you meet the growing needs of health-conscious pet food owners. We work closely with manufacturers to develop new formulations based on natural minerals (and electrolytes) which deliver the effect claimed on the label.





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