Longer shelf life: That’s a wrap!

Our meat solutions for shelf life extension help you reduce microbial spoilage; tackle purge and yield; and increase color stability. Whatever your needs – from natural, label-friendly solutions to solid ingredients for value brands - we offer you valuable and cost effective solutions.

PURASAL® is our family of sodium and potassium lactates that can extend shelf life by up to 100% by reducing the growth of spoilage bacteria including lactic acid bacteria such as Pseudomonas, Leuconostoc and Enterobacter.

In both fresh and cooked meat products, it disrupts bacterial metabolism while boosting the meat’s tenderness.

Verdad for label friendly shelf life extension

For a label friendly option, our Verdad® family has been specifically developed to help meeting the increasing demand for 'cupboard ingredients' that are not only safe and natural – but also taste good.

Cost effective shelf life extension

As commodity prices push up meat prices, consumers increasingly demand a product that costs less and lasts longer. This is where our Opti.Form® Ace: antimicrobial ingredients can make the difference by providing cost-effective shelf life extension....READ MORE

Because it contains higher levels of acetate, Opti.Form Ace enables you to reduce the addition level - maximizing shelf life and cutting the cost of shelf life ingredients....READ MORE