Purac launches special grade Lactides for coatings

Purac launches its new range of PURALACT�, special grade Lactides, that offer several benefits for enhancement of coating resins. The main advantage of incorporating PURALACT is a significantly reduced resin viscosity. This provides the opportunity to formulate coatings with higher solid content, lower VOC (volatile organic compounds) and improved 'ease-of-use'. Purac's new PURALACT is 100% biobased, resulting in coating resins with a lower carbon footprint.

PURALACT is thoroughly tested in several coating formulations. Depending on the type of coating and its specific use, the new products enhance coating performance by improving properties, such as; stiffness, adhesion, impact resistance, balance between hardness and flexibility, chemical resistance, gloss and gloss retention, and tuning of drying time. Produced on a large industrial scale by Purac, the new range is commercially available worldwide.

Produced from biobased Lactic Acid, PURALACT has a significantly lower CO2 footprint than the fossil-based building blocks most frequently used to produce coating resins. Replacing these traditional products with PURALACT reduces the carbon footprint of both coating resin and final coating.

Purac's Vice President Chemical & Pharma, Marco Bootz comments: "The use of PURALACT offers significant opportunities to improve coating performance and increases the sustainability of the entire value chain for coatings. PURALACT is the next generation biobased building block for the coating industry."

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