PURAC Powder MA receives GRAS recognition

PURAC Powder MA, the revolutionary coated malic acid from Purac, has been granted GRAS status and can now be used in confectionery, powdered beverages and jellies in the USA.
A unique, stable acid powder, PURAC Powder MA is a malic acid coated in sodium hydrogen malate which remains stable even in products with an extended shelf life and delivers an instant but long-lasting sour taste in the mouth.

Many acids used in confectionery applications are coated in fat, where hygroscopicity, acid migration and gelatin degradation can occur. This results in sticky or humid products with impaired visual appeal. The migration issue means traditional acid powders have a duller acidic taste, especially in long shelf-life products. PURAC Powder MA, on the other hand, has a coating made of partially neutralised polycarboxylic acid, which remains dry throughout the product's shelf life and then dissolves much faster on consumption than fat coatings. This offers an instantaneous, refreshing burst of acidity. Its fresh, fruity taste profile and long-lasting stability make it ideal for acid sanding in confectionery products.

"This is great news for formulators looking for a sour taste and superior product stability," comments Hans Schinck, category manager, taste and nutrition at Purac. "The twin benefits of PURAC Powder MA, which is already used in a range of European confectionery products, are now available to the North American market as well. With new product developments in South America and Asia, we expect PURAC Powder MA will become the malic acid powder of choice worldwide."

PURAC Powder MA, which was nominated for the prestigious "confectionery innovation of the year" in December's FiE awards, is suitable for application in confectionery, jellies and powdered beverages.

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