Purac wins FIE excellence award for PuraQ� Arome NA4

Purac has won the Food Ingredients Europe Excellence Award 2011 for its natural flavoring solution for sodium reduction: PuraQ Arome NA4, in the category 'Savory/Meat Innovation of the Year'.
The prestigious award follows two nominations from Purac's food solutions this year, an impressive recognition of our dedication to natural food preservation and flavoring. As health authorities continue to highlight the dangers of excess sodium on public health, this award highlights for food processors that reducing salt is not only achievable, but can actually positively improve their end-products.

PuraQ Arome NA4 is a multifunctional solution that allows food producers to reduce sodium by up to 40% without compromising on original quality, offering salty taste, improved texture and water activity control. Food producers can even boost flavors while cutting back on salt levels, thanks to the savory and salty taste of PuraQ Arome NA4.

The PuraQ Arome NA4 range can be used in a broad variety of food products, including meat, poultry, deli-salads, bakery, dips, spreads, dressings, and (cooking) sauces.

Discover nature's best solution for sodium reduction
at www.purac.com/sodiumreduction

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