European approval for stevia opens doors for PURAC� FIT Plus

Purac welcomes the recent European Commission's decision to allow the use of steviol glycosides (stevia) as sweetener in food and beverage applications. The global provider of preservation solutions, lactic acid and lactates expects a further increase of interest in PURAC FIT Plus as a result of this recent ruling.

Today's consumers are increasingly interested in products that contain few calories, while at the same time they prefer natural ingredients and are not willing to compromise on taste. The recent approval of stevia, a high intensity natural sweetener, will enable the industry to meet these market demands. However, challenges exist when applying stevia to food and beverages.

Alongside its sweetness, stevia's taste profile includes a lingering bitter or licorice-like aftertaste. PURAC FIT Plus successfully helps to mask the lingering off flavors of intensity sweeteners, such as stevia.

"PURAC FIT Plus is an all natural, ultra pure grade of lactic acid. It is optimized for application in the beverage industry and even has specifications on flavor and odor components" says Hans Schinck, Category Manager at Purac."The long lasting time and the balanced sour taste make PURAC FIT Plus the perfect building block for stevia masking and acidification of beverages."

Purac has been supplying the beverage industry for decades, offering solutions for preservation, mineral fortification and for acidification. The global presence, strong application support and level of expertise make Purac a true partner for beverage companies all over the world.

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