Purac welcomes the positive EFSA opinion on the use of lactic acid for beef decontamination

The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) panel on Biological Hazards has recently published its scientific opinion on the evaluation of the safety and efficacy of lactic acid for surface decontamination of beef carcasses, cuts and trimmings.

The panel concluded that treatments for decontamination of beef surfaces consisting of using 2-5% lactic acid, applied either by spraying or misting, are safe. Several studies were evaluated that reported significant reductions in microbial loads (e.g. E. coli) compared to water treated or untreated carcasses.

Although EC Regulation No 853/2004 allows the use of decontamination as a supplement to good hygiene practice, at this time no treatments are authorized by the European Commission with the exception of potable water. Recent outbreaks of dangerous Shiga-toxin producing non-O157 STEC/EHEC strains have again emphasized the need for additional interventions throughout the food chain.

"Our PURAC� portfolio is effective against E. coli when decontaminating surfaces of fresh meat. These natural anti-microbials have proven themselves in the beef industry by having been successfully used for decades as part of multiple hurdle systems. Purac sees the positive opinion of the EFSA panel as an important step forward in European Commission efforts to combat various food-borne pathogens." said Lonneke van Dijk, Category Manager Meat at Purac.

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