Press release: natural preservation for fruit and juice based beverages

New from Purac: natural preservation for fruit and juice based beverages
Gorinchem, The Netherlands, March 9th, 2010.

Purac introduces a new preservation product for the beverage industry, PuraQXtend AX37. This is the latest addition to their PuraQ portfolio of natural food ingredient solutions. The product is specifically developed for juice and juice-based beverages, and enables manufacturers to produce high quality, delicious juice products in a 'natural' way.

Alicyclobacillus is a spore-forming soil microorganism that causes spoilage problems for the fruit juice industry. Spoilage is an issue in apple, pear, orange, peach and white grape juices. It also causes problems in juice blends, fruit juice based drinks, tomato juice and canned tomatoes. In apple juice, for example, the spoilage manifests itself as an off-flavor and off-odor in both shelf-stable and refrigerated products. This spoilage problem can be an expensive one for producers across the globe, and has resulted in consumer complaints and even product recalls over the past few years.

The Alicyclobacillus spores can survive most pasteurization treatments. In fact, the heat treatment can even activate the spores to start growing. Most contamination problems only show up several days after bottling, which makes it difficult to detect on time. Furthermore, the organisms tend to be resistant to preservatives like sorbate and sulphite.

"With almost 80 years of experience in fermentation and selling lactic acid and lactates to the food industry, Purac has become an expert in food preservation. This heritage now forms the ideal basis to innovate and develop new preservation solutions, allowing the food manufacturers to keep up with the latest consumer trends", says Ivo van der Linden, Category Manager Food Preservation at Purac.

"Recent market surveys and research show thatAlicyclobacillus is a real problem in the juice industry. The spoilage defect is not always identified by the producer, but noticed clearly by customers, causing loss of brand image. PuraQ Xtend AX37 tackles this problem head on, and provides the beverage industry with the extra safe-guard necessary to ensure their product is of high quality. Furthermore the use of PuraQ Xtend AX37, a natural ingredient, allows the manufacturer to avoid the use of more rigorous methods and so helps preserve the original flavor integrity of the fruit."

Purac is increasing its innovation and product development efforts to further expand its PuraQ portfolio. They are introducing new food ingredient solutions for the industry, targeting food safety, shelf life and flavor solutions in a wide variety of foods ranging from beverages, dips and deli products to gravies and meats.

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