Corbion Purac expands all natural portfolio

Corbion Purac is launching two new vinegar solutions to inhibit Listeria growth and extend shelf life naturally at this year's IFT in New Orleans. Broadening the company's existing Verdad� label-friendly portfolio, Verdad N8 and Verdad N9 have been specifically developed to satisfy consumer demand for simpler ingredient statements while maintaining quality and safety in fresh and ready-to-eat meat and poultry products .
Both Verdad N8 and Verdad N9 can be labeled simply as "vinegar" and are produced by the fermentation of corn sugar with specifically selected food cultures. These new ingredients complement the company's existing vinegar portfolio for the meat industry, including the Verdad Powder N6. Verdad vinegars are proven to control listeria growth in cooked meat and extend shelf life in fresh and cooked meat. The new vinegars have been developed in response to specific challenges. Verdad N8, for example, offers the balanced flavor that is often required in taste-sensitive products, while Verdad N9 is free of sodium and therefore ideal for products with a healthy positioning. Verdad N9 is also the lowest use level liquid vinegar available on the market, making it a cost-effective solution for a variety of meat applications.
"More consumers are paying close attention to labels and looking for natural ingredients," comments Simone Bouman, Director Business Development,  "Guaranteeing adequate shelf life and safety for food can be particularly challenging for manufacturers who are seeking natural solutions. With that in mind, our team of scientists has developed two new natural solutions, which will allow processors to offer clean labels and improve product quality."
The company will also present label-friendly sodium reduction solutions for both cooked and fresh meats at booth #3341.
As well as these innovations for the meat industry, visitors will be able to sample and discuss more new Corbion ingredients for other sectors. One highlight will be Ultra Fresh� - a bakery ingredient that extends freshness, taste and flavor in breads, buns and tortillas for up to seven additional days.
To learn more about Corbion's innovative ingredient solutions, visit or stop by IFT booth #3341 to sample from the menu of the day.
Corbion Purac, booth #3341, IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo, New Orleans, June 21-24, 2014


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