Corbion Investment Signals Importance of Powdered Vinegar to Future of Sustainable Solutions

New non-GMO, in-house production capabilities will give the biobased solutions leader greater control in supplying growing market needs.

Corbion, the leading supplier of biobased food and biochemical ingredients, has completed construction for in-house production of the powdered vinegar component on which the company has based numerous sustainable, clean-label solutions for food applications. The new state-of-the-art facility for creating non-GMO powdered vinegar, located in Gorinchem, The Netherlands, is now fully operational.

The strategic investment is intended to help ensure continuity and security of supply for Corbion customers who have embraced the company's vinegar-based solutions as effective alternatives to synthetic ingredients.

"Corbion's powdered vinegar solutions are consistently proving highly effective in preserving safety and shelf life in a wide range of foods," said Ruud Peerbooms, Senior Vice President-Food at Corbion, "and they help manufacturers respond to consumers who prefer products with ingredients they understand. We want to continue leveraging our expertise in natural fermentation processes and developing even better ways to use vinegar's potential as a natural preservative. Bringing much of our vinegar production in-house will allow us greater efficiency and control in doing that."

Combining in-house capabilities with sourcing through strategic co-manufacturing partnerships creates a global footprint of production assets and a highly secure supply chain for powdered vinegar products at Corbion, according to Peerbooms. That enhanced security sets the company up to meet growing customer demand while driving the development of new clean-label innovations, he says.

"The consumer-driven clean-label movement is not a trend anymore. It's here to stay," Peerbooms said. "Powdered vinegar is a key to the future of clean-label, sustainable food preservation solutions, and this investment will support Corbion's growth as a leading provider of those solutions."

The company's Verdad® range of solutions is based on vinegars, ferment blends, and other functional natural ingredients , enabling more consumer-friendly ingredient labeling while extending shelf life, improving yield and enhancing safety without sacrificing quality.



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