Corbion Introduces Pioneering Non-PHO Emulsifier Portfolio To Meet FDA Mandate

Corbion, booth #1221, IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo, Chicago, July 11-14, 2015
Corbion launches its new portfolio of non-PHO emulsifiers, Ensemble(TM), at IFT 2015 this week in Chicago. The new line delivers drop-in functionality to maintain color, flavor and texture, without sacrificing quality, handling or shelf stability in a wide variety of applications including bakery, confectionery, dairy, beverages and processed foods.
Corbion's new emulsifier portfolio is the first of its kind and was specially developed to help food and beverage manufacturers remove PHOs from their products, as mandated by the US Food and Drug Administration last month, and meet growing consumer demand for better for you products. Formulated from a proprietary mixture of non-PHOs, the pioneering solutions deliver drop-in functionality and mimic the thermal stability of emulsifiers traditionally formulated with PHO, while also outperforming products formulated with 100% palm oil. Removing the requirement for extensive reformulation, Corbion's Ensemble(TM) portfolio cuts operational disruption by allowing customers to simplify and streamline their reformulation efforts.
Jim Robertson, global product manager - emulsifiers, Corbion, comments: "While the change in regulation mandated by the FDA will only directly impact the US, it could also have a ripple effect on international markets where US-produced ingredients are exported. In some regions of the world they have already taken steps to minimize trans-fat consumption, with Europe announcing in April 2015 that it is evaluating a potential ban on trans-fats. Our new drop-in non-PHO emulsifier range is backed by tailored support and expert in-market technical resources, enabling manufacturers to comply with new FDA regulations and meet the changing market requirements of consumers."
To find out more about Ensemble(TM) or Corbion's other innovative ingredient solutions, stop by IFT booth #1221 to sample from the menu of the day or visit

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