Corbion Caravan Offers New Egg Replacement Solutions

New Function Plus 200 can replace up to 100 percent of powdered eggs in baked goods

As the national shortage of eggs continues throughout the U.S., Corbion Caravan is offering new egg extender and replacement solutions specifically developed to address bakery industry concerns.

"We understand our customers' concerns about the egg shortage and its impact on both the availability and affordability of eggs and egg products," says Kathy Sargent, manager, sweet goods. "In addition to our existing egg replacement options, Corbion Caravan now has two new solutions to help ensure customers have the ingredients they need to produce delicious baked goods that drive sales."

Along with Corbion Caravan's Cara-Eg and Bro-Eg egg extender and replacement products, Sargent says the company is introducing Function Plus 100 and Function Plus 200.

"Both of these solutions lower product cost by replacing eggs, are easy to scale and handle, and create moist, tender baked goods without impacting the flavor profile of the original product," says Sargent. "As our premium product, Function Plus 200 can replace up to 100 percent of the powdered egg amount required in recipes for everything from muffins and brownies to high-ratio cake systems."

To learn more about Corbion Caravan egg replacement solutions, contact us through our product information request form at

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