Corbion launches biobased PLA resins for extrusion, thermoforming, injection molding and fiber spinning at Fakuma 2015

Corbion Purac will be launching its new PLA bioplastic product portfolio at the Fakuma trade fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany, in hall B4, stand 4207.  The new portfolio of neat PLA resins - tailored to plastics processors - is available in both sampling and commercial quantities. The Corbion team will also be showcasing a number of partner applications to demonstrate the broad range of characteristics and properties that can be achieved with PLA bioplastics, and the versatility under which PLA can be processed.
About Corbion Purac's PLA portfolio
Corbion Purac's PLA homopolymer resins are available in a range of melt viscosities and deliver improved heat resistance over standard PLA. These grades can be used as neat resin or as part of a compound in order to further optimize overall material properties. PDLA, when combined with PLA homopolymers, will yield a compound that combines good heat resistance with excellent mechanical properties.
PLA L105: a high flow resin suitable for injection molding.
PLA L130: a medium flow resin suitable for injection molding and fiber spinning.
PLA L175: a high viscosity resin suitable for film extrusion, thermoforming or fiber spinning.
PLA LX175: a standard, amorphous, transparent resin, suitable for film extrusion, thermoforming or fiber spinning.
PDLA D070: a general purpose nucleating agent for PLA homopolymer resins. 
Fig.1: Corbion Purac's new portfolio of neat PLA resins
Corbion Purac's neat PLA resins are compliant with the most relevant regulations and requirements related to bioplastics:
� Approved for use in food contact applications (EU Framework Regulation EC No. 1935/2004 and No. 10/2011),
� Compliant with EN13432 standard for industrial composting, 
� Biobased content of 100%,
� REACH compliant,
� Exclusively made from non-GMO feedstocks,
� Reduced carbon footprint - peer reviewed LCA study available.
PLA applications on show based on Corbion Purac technology

Corbion's applications at Fakuma include:
� PLA single-serve coffee capsules, courtesy of ATI, recently commercially launched in the German market,
� An air filter box and interior trim parts for the automotive industry - courtesy of R�chling Automotive. The injection molded parts boast heat resistance up to 140�C, impact resistance, UV resistance, high gloss, excellent colorability and dimensional stability, and they withstand the demanding conditions in today's engine compartment. This makes PLA an excellent alternative to most polyesters (PC, PET, PBT) as well as polystyrenes (ABS), polyolefines (such as PP) and polyamides (PA6). 
� The world's first bioplastic touchscreen computer will be demonstrated, courtesy of SUPLA and Kuender together with a tablet. The housings are high gloss white and have an improved impact resistance, high heat resistance and good scratch resistance. Furthermore, high dimensional stability allows for tight tolerances during processing.
� A range of packaging and serviceware applications, including single-use thermoformed hot drink cups (courtesy of Huhtamaki), lids (made by WinGram), BioFoam ice cream packaging from Synbra and fruit and vegetable storage bags from NaturalShield.
What is PLA?

PLA is a biobased plastic derived from natural resources and offers a significant reduction in carbon footprint compared to oil-based plastics. Corbion uses carbohydrates as the raw material to produce lactic acid, which is polymerized into PLA. PLA is currently being used in a variety of applications like packaging and food serviceware, and is increasingly becoming the material of choice for more demanding applications in automotive, electronics and textiles.
Combining high biobased content with a low carbon footprint, PLA is a great replacement for PS, PP and ABS. Furthermore, as demonstrated by the range of applications on show, PLA is an extremely adaptable material that can be processed on existing equipment, with commercially acceptable cycle times. This offers converters and brandowners a unique opportunity to be a sustainability frontrunner in their field, for both their products and their packaging. 
The Corbion team will be on standby for any processing and product related questions. Visit  Corbion in Hall B4, stand 4207 to see the partner applications or attend our presentation at the Fakuma Forum at 10:00am on Wednesday 14th October to learn more about how you can make the switch to biobased PLA plastic.

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