We preserve what matters, we take climate action seriously

Making a sustainable difference.

Climate change might be gradual and, for many people, barely noticeable.

Until recently. Now, it's unambiguous.

Senior Director of Sustainability Diana Visser says, “The effects of climate change – and its acceleration – are evident all over the world. We need to act now.”

In October 2019, Corbion publicly committed to climate change action, making science-based targets part of our standard business practice. This set an important precedent for our peers and partners to transition to a low-carbon economy.

It started a year before, when we assembled a cross-functional team, comprising our ARTS community, procurement, operations, and engineering experts to set an ambitious carbon emissions target and plan for the next ten years. We specified engineering projects for energy-saving, R&D projects to develop next-generation technologies and supplier engagement initiatives. Together with many of our plants, we defined specific steps to reach our targets.

Those targets were approved after a thorough, independent validation process by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) – a partnership between CDP, the United Nations Global Compact, World Resources Institute, and Worldwide Fund for Nature. We committed to slashing our product-related emissions by one third by 2030. More precisely, we will reduce CO2 emissions related to energy, key raw materials, and transport by 33% per ton of product, compared to 2016 (our base year). This is in line with the 2°C limit set by the Paris Agreement.

We're proud to lead the way by setting science-based targets. As CEO Olivier Rigaud says, the world's future depends on commitments made today and how we honor them. "We must all become leaders," he says, "and do all we can to inspire each other to make a sustainable difference."

Join today's business climate leaders! Race us to the top by taking decisive action towards a zero-carbon transition.