The true multi-purpose acidulant

PURAC® FIT Plus is a natural lactic acid that not only helps mask the effects of artificial sweeteners but also enables you to reduce them by up to 15%.

The result? Now you can replace (or partially replace) citric acid in beverages by delivering a milder, sour taste profile that lasts for longer.

Because of its outstanding purity, PURAC® FIT Plus regulates the pH of your beverage and serves as a perfect building block for true flavor innovation, whether combined with citric acid or used by itself. 

Extend shelf life in beverages

Thanks to its natural microbial properties, PURAC® FIT Plus combats spoilage from Alicyclobacillus in juices, while also providing an extra barrier to yeast and mold.

Reduce precipitation scaling in beverages

Using PURAC® FIT Plus in your beverage production gives you better control of your processing environment – in particular by reducing precipitation scaling. The extremely high solubility of our PURAC® FIT Plus, for example, decreases the crystallization of solid salts during processing, combating the resultant quality and maintenance issues.

Boost color stability in beverages

We can help you further extend shelf life in beverages by boosting anthocyanin stability by up to 50%. It’s why the industry is increasingly considering using lactic acid as a multi-purpose acidulant.


Our natural, purified lactic acid has many great qualities

  • High bioavailability (same as milk)
  • Good solubility
  • Quick dissolution time
  • Neutral flavor

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