Verdad® Avanta®

Natural ingredient solutions for meat formulations

Providing multifunctional benefits beyond food safety and shelf life.

With the current natural and clean label trend, consumers are more aware of ingredients, especially when buying meat and poultry. That means consumers are checking food labels and reading ingredient lists carefully before they buy. 

With the Verdad® Avanta® line of natural ingredient solutions, you can deliver beyond food safety and shelf life and meet consumer demands for cleaner ingredient statements.

Verdad Avanta F100

This unique blend of vinegar and jasmine tea extract (or natural flavor) is designed to provide a total freshness package for fresh ground meats. Provides:

  • Color stability: 2-3 days longer
  • Flavor stability, oxidation control
  • All natural labeling
  • Shelf life extension 

Verdad® Avanta™ Y100

This unique patent pending formula is a blend of vinegar and citrus flour that is ideal for ready-to-eat meats. Provides:

  • Cook yield enhancement; 3-9% depending on application
  • Listeria control
  • All natural labeling
  • Texture improvement

Verdad® Avanta™ C100

Verdad® Avanta™ C100 is ideal for naturally cured ready-to-eat meats and fresh sausages and is a blend of vinegar and celery powder. Provides:

  • Listeria control up to 120 days
  • Increased shelf life
  • All natural labeling
  • Ideal for ready-to-eat natural uncured meats.

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*Availability of products are region specific. Please contact your sales representative for information.

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