Our purpose, vision and mission

Our company compass guides our business focus, connects our people, and gives us our shared direction.

Our purpose
Improve the quality of life for people today and for future generations.

Our vision
Become the leading innovator for sustainable ingredient solutions designed by science, powered by nature, delivered through our dedication

Our mission
Create value for our customers through our people offering conscious choices and collaborative innovation

Our values

At Corbion, care is an essential part of who we are and how we act. We care about our colleagues, customers and business partners and we also care about the world we live in. Corbion really takes an interest in its people and their wellbeing: they should always be safe at work, feel engaged in their role, feel included and respected in their team and receive fair compensation.

At Corbion, we highly value courage as a driving force of innovation and change. Corbion listens to its customers and suppliers and is eager to serve them, but also has the courage to challenge, and sometimes say ‘no.’ Corbion is focusing on growth, and that necessitates courageous thinking in development of initiatives.

At Corbion, we passionately believe that only through collaboration can we be successful. As an inclusive company we need to make use of the diversity of our people and of the diversity of our talents and strengths. 

At Corbion, we have a steadfast drive to do as we promise, to deliver to our customers, but also to our fellow team members and colleagues across Corbion. We have a commitment from employer to employee and vice versa. And we are deeply committed to safety and the wellbeing of our people.





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