The appliance of science

What defines innovation at Corbion? It’s about great ideas and state-of-the-art technologies.

Our commitment to innovation is deeply embedded in our strategy and culture, based on the values of partnership, passion and performance.

Some 12% of our global workforce works directly in R&D – working together and with our global network of partners to turn science into original biobased applications and innovations that meet customer and market needs.

Gypsum-free processing
What exactly does this mean in practical terms? For example one of our key projects involves the development of a scalable, cost-effective, sustainable process for producing organic acids where we recycle nearly all chemicals, and need fewer starter materials. And importantly we avoid the formation of gypsum.

Second generation feedstocks
Another key innovation project for our scientists is the development and optimization of a biochemical process that allows us to use second generation carbohydrate feedstocks as our biomass source. 

On lab scale, following an intense research project, we have successfully made PLA resin from second generation feedstocks. The second generation feedstock was fermented into lactic acid and converted into a PLA resin boasting the exact same properties as current commercially available PLA resins. Second generation feedstocks are those which are not suitable for human consumption, and include plant-based materials like bagasse, corn stover, wheat straw and wood chips.

Today, first generation feedstocks such as industrial cane sugar, sugar beet, corn and cassava are used for producing lactic acid and PLA. They are grown following principles of sustainable agriculture and these feedstocks have a high yield per hectare of land.




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