Tortilla Suave: The Answer to Your Sticky Situation

February 21, 2011

Caravan Ingredients has developed Tortilla Suave, a conditioner that combines the latest in extended shelf life and anti-stick technology to create long lasting shelf stability while combating difficult sticking situations associated with the production of high quality tortillas. It also improves softness, rollability and allows for the removal of hydrogenated fats and trans fat from labels.

Consumers are indicating more of a desire to avoid consumption of saturated and trans fats, as well as hydrogenated oils. (Source: American Heart Assoc. Americans' Awareness, Knowledge, and Behaviors Regarding Fats: 2006-2008) Additionally, tortilla shoppers are looking for tortillas that are flexible and easy to separate; to them this equates to freshness and functionality. Tortilla Suave delivers on all of these aspects. Caravan Ingredients applied their award winning Trancendim� technology to Tortilla Suave to aid in creating a tortilla product with zero grams trans fat, no hydrogenated fat and great anti-sticking capabilities.

For the manufacturer, the extended shelf life properties aid in delivering a product that lasts longer. Tortilla Suave was also formulated to be easily applied to existing formulations, without a disruption to current formulas or processes.

To learn more about Caravan Ingredients' tortilla products please call 800-660-4092 or contact us through our product information request form.

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