Corbion Purac expands Verdad� portfolio of label-friendly ingredients

Corbion Purac, a leader in natural food preservation, has launched Verdad� Powder F80, a new label-friendly ingredient solution to preserve the freshness, integrity and flavour of a wide variety of foods. Based on the natural fermentation processes of sugar cane, Verdad Powder F80 can be labelled as "fermented sugar" to meet consumer demand for natural, fresh and authentic-tasting products.
Verdad Powder F80 is part of Corbion Purac's growing portfolio of fermentation-based ingredient solutions and was developed in response to industry demand for a powder version of its successful Verdad F range. Using the latest fermentation and spray-dying technology, Verdad Powder F80 is the outcome of minimal processing, resulting in a natural food integrity solution. Verdad Powder F80 can be easily applied to a wide range of fresh and ready-to-eat products, such as sauces, salads, and breads, where it effectively improves and maintains the sensory and physical attributes of the product during the course of its shelf life.
"Consumers are increasingly concerned about the ingredients in their food and regularly check product labels," comments Ivo Van der Linden, category manager preservation at Corbion Purac. "With the demand for pure and authentic food growing, the food industry is faced with the challenge to find natural ingredients that can deliver on food quality and integrity without compromising on taste or shelf life. With Verdad Powder F80 we were able to further expand our Verdad F product line and can now offer food processors a greater choice of label-friendly ingredients and more flexibility in application."
With over 80 years' experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing food solutions, Corbion Purac is an expert in fermentation processes. Launching the first product in the Verdad F range in 2012, the company has since expanded its portfolio of natural food integrity solutions to cater for the increasing demand for label-friendly ingredients.
For further information, please contact Ivo van der Linden, Category Manager Food Preservation, Corbion Purac. Tel: +31 183 695 665 Email:
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