Press release: naturally mask Stevia off-flavors with PURAC FIT Plus

Low-calorie beverages are gaining importance, but the right choice of sweeteners is essential. Stevia sweeteners are increasingly preferred, but their aftertaste can be a problem. Purac introduces PURAC FIT Plus, a natural, high-purity lactic acid with a great clean flavor. It's ideal for use in low-calorie beverage formulations with Stevia (Reb A) to mask off-flavors.

Consumers expect great-tasting, healthy beverages. In the case of low-calorie drinks, the use of high-intensive sweeteners could easily lead to off-flavors and an unpleasantly bitter or sweet aftertaste. Stevia (Reb A) is an all-natural and calorie-free high-intensive sweetener. However, Stevia (Reb A) can sometimes have a bitter or liquorice-like aftertaste. Unlike citric acid, PURAC FIT Plus masks the characteristic off-flavors of Stevia and other high-intensive sweeteners, resulting in a better-tasting, more rounded beverage.

High-intensive sweeteners such as Stevia, sucralose and aspartame typically have a long-lasting sweet taste compared to sucrose. This lingering effect accentuates any off-flavor or artificial notes in the beverage. PURAC FIT Plus reduces this undesirable lingering effect.

"Masking comes naturally with PURAC FIT Plus," says Koen Kummel, Category Manager of Taste & Acidification at Purac. "Carefully choosing your sweeteners and acids to deliver the optimal sour/sweet balance greatly improves the taste of beverages containing Stevia (Reb A)."

Combining PURAC FIT Plus with other acids like citric acid works synergistically; the resulting beverage has a round, well-balanced taste and the flavor is boosted, leading to potential savings due to reduced sweetener and flavor usage.

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