Purac launches new web version of Listeria control model software

Purac launches new web version of Listeria control model software

Market leader in natural food preservation, Purac, sets new safety standards with the launch of its new predictive Listeria Control Model.

The control of Listeria monocytogenes, a well-known pathogen, is critically important in ready meals and meat products. Combining a wide range of food parameters with
more than 2,500 Listeria growth curves, the software is the only online predictive modelling tool dedicated to Listeria control in today's market.

Designed to accelerate time-to-market by cutting the cost and duration of R&D, the new software has been updated to maximise user friendliness, with a new freely-available
web interface and pdf report generator. The report, generated at each calculation stage, provides detailed final growth predictions as well as recommendations on Listeria control solutions from Purac.

Edwin Bontenbal, marketing director at Purac, said: "Food safety is a key priority for manufacturers, and can be a lengthy - and costly - process. Purac's new Listeria control model 2012 is the culmination of more than a decade of Listeria studies based on our extensive microbiological knowledge. It confirms our ongoing commitment to helping manufacturers in the meat and processed foods sectors attain the highest possible level of food safety in their products."

Purac's Listeria Control Model 2012 introduces Purac's latest safety solutions, which are adapted to ongoing market developments. The software is designed to estimate the number of Purac food safety solutions required to control Listeria in food. It is available at www.purac.com/lcm

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