Corbion Purac Launches New Multifunctional Clean Label Line at IFT

Corbion, booth #1221, IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo, Chicago, July 11-14, 2015

Corbion Purac announces the launch of a new multifunctional meat ingredient portfolio at this year's IFT in Chicago. Verdad� Avanta(TM) provides advanced food safety and quality in a wide variety of ready-to-eat (RTE) and raw meat and poultry products. Part of Corbion's extensive Verdad� range of clean label preservatives, these two new products will provide meat processors with value-adding functionalities, such as enhanced yield and superior freshness, in one single ingredient solution for both standard and natural meats.

Based on a specially formulated patent-pending blend of natural ingredients, and backed by the Corbion Listeria Control Model, Verdad� Avanta(TM) Y100 effectively controls bacterial growth in RTE meats such as turkey, while at the same time providing the product with a firm texture for improved sliceability, resulting in an overall cooking yield increase of 5- 9%.

Corbion is also launching Verdad� Avanta(TM) F100 for prolonged freshness in raw and processed meats like sausages. Derived from natural common food pantry ingredients, Verdad� Avanta(TM) F100 delivers enhanced food safety while maintaining the fresh color and flavor of raw meats, helping manufacturers retain consumer appeal.

Both Verdad� Avanta(TM) Y100 and Verdad� Avanta(TM) F100 offer simple labeling and are available in powder form for reduced transportation and storage costs and easy application. These new ingredients offer processors a single ingredient solution with multiple functionalities.

"The growing clean label trend and consumer demand for natural solutions has brought meat processors some very specific challenges," comments Tom Rourke, Ph.D., Senior Business Development Manager at Corbion Purac. "Processors creating products with a "natural" label are severely limited when it comes to antimicrobial ingredients. In addition, many available solutions often require significant adjustments to formulations to maintain the quality or safety of the final product. With our latest innovations, meat processors can now use a single ingredient to tackle a wide range of issues including food safety, taste, texture, color and product yield - all while responding to the clean label and natural requirements of their customers."

To learn more about Verdad� Avanta(TM) or Corbion's other innovative ingredient solutions, stop by IFT booth #1221 to sample from the menu of the day or visit

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