Creating sustainable solutions for our customers

Sustainability assessment of innovation projects

To ensure alignment of our innovation projects with our sustainability ambitions, we assess new product and process development projects against the relevant material themes in our sustainability strategy. The assessment is integrated in our innovation stage gate process and provides guidance to the project team on sustainability-related matters. This warrants that sustainability is an integrated part of the product and process design and that potential issues can be tackled at an early stage. The assessment is also used to identify sustainability benefits that can be included in the value proposition of the new product.

Life Cycle Assessment

Corbion uses Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)as a tool to understand the environmental impacts of a product from the extraction of resources to their use and end of life. To enable our customers to make conscious choices, we will perform cradle-to-gate LCAs for 50% of our products by 2020. Using this data, we can work side by side with customers to support them on the improvement of their environmental footprint and on the substantiation of their sustainability claims.

Product Social Metrics

To make a positive impact on people, we need to understand how our business activities have a social impact throughout our supply chain and how they affect our stakeholders. In 2017 Corbion joined the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics, and together with the other Roundtable members, we developed a methodology for measuring social impacts, which is available in the Roundtable’s handbook. The handbook provides the framework, an overview of data collection tools, and a scoring approach to assess social impacts. In 2019, we conducted our first case study to evaluate the social impacts in the value chain of Corbion’s meat safety and extended shelf-life solutions. The assessment of this value chain confirmed that most topics examined were compliant with applicable standards or laws (neutral social impact), or score beyond compliance for both products (positive social impact) The absence of negative social impact in the supply
chain strengthens the credibility of the positive social impact from product use.




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