How could lactic acid improve your application?

Lactic acid and its derivatives give you one thing above all else – versatility. This equates to multiple benefits across a broad range of applications.

Agrochemicals: Excellent solvency!
Our PURASOLV® solvents support sustainable production of healthier, stronger crops.  PURASOLV® are a range of lactate esters that enhance solvency in agrochemical formulations with an outstanding safety profile. Our new innovative solvents are developed to support your formulation needs of tomorrow Read more>>

Chemical Industries: Safe & Functional Products!
Corbion provides solutions to several applications within the Electronic, Polymer Additives, Oil and other chemical industries. The versatility of functionalities of Corbion product provide safe and high performance solutions to our customers in a cost-effective way. Our innovation and application centers are focused on your challenges of tomorrow to provide you with customized solutions. Read more>>

Coating resins: Expect more!
The unique product properties of PURALACT® lactide boost resin and coating performance in areas like hardness, adhesion and gloss - while lowering the resin viscosity in solvent borne systems at the same time. Read more>>

Home Care: Cleaning up with Corbion
Our biodegradable lactic acid-based solutions are proven to help home care formulators produce safe, sustainable products. Natural, safe and cost effective, they are being used today in everything from antimicrobial and descaling solutions to solvents and buffering applications. Read more>>

Personal Care: Inspired by nature
Lactates like our PURASAL® S/HQ 60 are proven to maintain the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) of the skin. Thanks to its outstanding water-attracting and binding capacity, it’s one of the most cost-effective skin moisturizing agents, ideal for a wide range of skin care applications. Read more>>

Pharma: Caring for our customers - quality at speed
We offer you a compelling combination of biobased products and outstanding service – supported by a backwards-integrated supply chain and all backed by 80 years’ pharma production experience. The result: Quality products that get to the market faster. Read more>>

Animal health: Improve the nutrition and performance of farm animals
Our portfolio of lactic-acid based solutions helps you improve the nutrition and performance of farm animals – safely and naturally. Read more>>




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