Increasing performance for the poultry industry

In the poultry sector, our lactylate product Aloapur helps farmers deal with poor gut health. Our lactic acid enables reduction of E.coli and salmonella contamination in poultry meat.

ALOAPUR is our latest innovation for helping poultry farmers deal with adverse conditions. It contains a new animal feed ingredient called Lactylate - which can help the animal maintain optimal gut functionality.

Improve digestion efficiency in poultry
LAFEED 80® (feed grade lactic acid) helps farmers improve performance of their animals by improving digestion: Lactic acid works in synergy with phytase to improve phosphorus retention.

Increase food safety for poultry with lactic acid
Applying lactic acid to the drinking water protects against contamination of meat with pathogenic bacteria during slaughtering. Our Purac® DW is specially designed as an additive for drinking water and can protect against microbial contamination. It flushes the empty gut of the broiler, preventing the outgrowth and subsequent contamination of Salmonella and Campylobacter.

Better poultry performance with calcium lactate
Our poultry solutions also contain calcium lactate, which can help reduce the number of cracked and broken eggs. This is especially important when extra calcium is needed (for example, during and after molting). Calcium lactate also benefits the production of high value eggs - such as those from dam broilers or dam layers.

Both lactic acid and calcium lactate are safe for use in on-farms feed manufacturing.