Delivering Safe and High Performance Solutions

Our biochemical solutions like lactic acid are powered by nature – enabling you to replace fossil based acids in a very wide range of applications…

Agrochemicals: Excellent solvency!

AgroWhichever way you look at it, PURASOLV® biobased agrochemical solvents protect. Your customers. The future of your business. And our planet.

Our PURASOLV® solvents support sustainable production of healthier, stronger crops.  PURASOLV® are a range of lactate esters that enhance solvency in agrochemical formulations with an outstanding safety profile. Our PURASOLV EHL is an ideal solvent to formulate emulsion concentrates. Our new innovative solvents are developed to support your formulation needs Read more>>

Electronics: Safe solvents!

ElectronicsFrom solvents used for edge bead removal or Thinner applications, to solvents used in photo-resist or polymer alignment applications, we have a long and proud heritage of innovation and helping our customers perform better. PURASOLV® ELECT combines (extremely) low metal specifications with strict Statistical Process Control (SPC) to deliver consistency across all product parameters. Read more>>

Polymer Additives: High performance additives!

Polymer AdditivesOur synthesis chemists and applications engineers welcome the opportunity to tackle your most challenging additive problems. Our products are based on glycerol ester, lactate and stearoyl lactylate chemistries and provide benefits such as antistatic or mold release properties. We supply our products to the polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, and engineering thermoplastics industries. Read more>>

 Other Chemical Industries: Functional Ingredients!

OilCorbion provides solutions to several other Chemical industries. This equates to multiple benefits across a broad range of applications:

  • Oil Industy (crosslinkers, descaling, slow acid release)
  • Electroless plating (complexation, pH stability)
  • Ethoxylation (base catalyst killer)
  • Textile & Leather  (deliming. pH regulation)

To learn more download our brochure here.


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