Drilling Efficiency Takes A New Form

Encapso™ drilling lubricant’s unique on-demand lubricant delivery system is transforming the way operators fight friction - resulting in superior drilling efficiency and economics.



  • Encapso™ is the only encapsulated drilling lubricant designed to specifically target friction downhole
  • Made of micro-sized cells smaller than the width of a human hair that contain pure, lubricating oil


  • When Encapso™ is exposed to sufficient operational friction and shear, the cells rupture, releasing oil on demand
  • Unused capsules can be reused on the next application 
  • Active-engagement of drilling lubrication system improves lubricity along the entire drill string and bit

Proven performance

  • Encapso™ has been tested at a number of wells throughout the U.S., proving its ability to improve overall efficiency over traditional methods
  • Reduces friction by over 70%
  • Increases the rate of penetration by up to 50% comparatively
  • Decreases torque by up to 42%
  • Decreases drag by up to 50%

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