From Formulation, to Farmer, to Field

Green solvents for safer agrochemical formulations with superior performance

PURASOLV® green solvents are a range of lactate esters that provide superior solvency, allowing for more efficient, high-performing agrochemical formulations. These solvents help agrochemical manufacturers create crop protection formulations with high active load, including emulsion concentrates (EC), dispersible concentrates (DC) and oil dispersions (OD). The PURASOLV range enables the development of more complete products combining multiple actives, or the reformulation of existing products to deliver greater benefits.

PURASOLV performance from Formulation to the Field:


In Formulation - Green solvency power, high stability, biobased solution



For Farmers - Safe and easy to handle, pleasant scent and non-flammable, aiding safe storage and transport



In the Field - Increase crop protection efficacy with environmental friendly solution


Corbion’s range of biobased PURASOLV solvents help to accelerate agricultural productivity while protecting people, plants and the planet.


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