Sustainable and low VOC resins with PURALACT® B3 monomer

Saturated polyester resins formulated with PURALACT B3 monomer deliver improved performance, cost-economics and a lower environmental impact. Contact our technical experts for recommendations on use level and incorporation of PURALACT B3 into your resin.

Reduce environmental impact
PURALACT B3 is the ideal renewable building block for your sustainable resin, allowing a reduced CO2 footprint.

Improve coating yield, reduce VOC
Formulating your resin with PURALACT B3 will enable to lower the resin and paint viscosity. This benefit allows to formulate high solid systems and to reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds). Another tangible benefit of a lower viscosity system is to improve yield and reduce cost in use.

Improved hardness - flexibility profile
The use of PURALACT B3 allows to increase coating hardness while retaining the coating flexibility. Tangible benefits include improved scratch resistance without brittleness. This can be particularly suitable for coil coating applications where flexibility is desired to shape the coating.


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