For a great looking skin all over

PURASAL® NH/COS is our concentrated ammonium salt, based on natural L-lactic acid that visibly reduces skin dryness, delivering a healthy looking, smooth and supple feel.

Fermented from carbohydrates, ammonium lactates like PURASAL NH/COS are often known as nature’s AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) – and are especially suited to formulations for very dry skin.

In fact, the therapeutic benefits of AHAs for dermatological dry skin conditions have been well known for some 40 years, and were first reported by Van Scott and Yu in 1974.

Lotions containing ammonium lactate showed remarkable benefits for both dermatological dry skin conditions - as well as normal dry skin and cracked heels.

Today, our PURASAL NH/COS is giving formulators the opportunity to exploit this benefit.