A natural vision for parenteral & dialysis solutions

Our solutions for parenteral and dialysis solutions are based on the highest quality sodium lactate and calcium gluconate.

We produce our pharmaceutical-grade lactic acid through the natural fermentation of carbohydrates and based on the most stringent purification techniques; produced under cGMP conditions; and compliant with the highest quality standards (including DMF, CEP, CTD).

PURASAL for parenteral and dialysis
A growing number of dialysis solutions (IV, CAPD) uses our pharma-grade natural lactic acid and sodium-S-lactate - PURASAL S/PF® (the sodium-S-lactate acts as an electrolyte or alkalinizing agent) as API.

Calcium Gluconate Injectable
Whether it’s preventing acute hypocalcaemia in humans or tackling milk fever in cows, our Calcium Gluconate Injectable is an ideal API.

Certificate of Suitability: What makes us unique?

We are currently the only supplier of calcium lactate with a Certificate of Suitability (CEP) – granted by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines in Strasbourg. What’s more, calcium lactate can be registered as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient as well as an excipient. 




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