Getting to the heart of resorbable polymers

Today our PURASORB® resorbable polymers are being used in a range of vascular closure devices and drug-eluting coronary stents. Tomorrow they will feature in a new generation of fully resorbable cardiovascular stents - thanks to their outstanding biocompatibility and biodegradability.

Tailored to meet your specific application needs in resorbable stents, our PURASORB brand is incredibly versatile: It can be processed via several processing techniques including extrusion, fiber spinning, and injection molding; while also being compatible with different sterilization techniques.

Resorbable polymers for cardiovascular stents

When it comes to resorbable polymers for cardiovascular devices, we offer several commercial platforms based on our PURASORB technology – including PLGA (lactide/glycolide copolymers) and our Capro (lactide/caprolactone copolymers).





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