A high-strength, resorbable composite for orthopedic implants.

FiberLive is a composite material consisting of resorbable glass fibers, resorbable polymer and a coupling technology that assures excellent mechanical properties.


What would you like to achieve with your next-generation orthopedic implants?


  • Would you like to design an implant that provides appropriate stiffness during the early stages of wound healing and then disappears after healing?
  • Would you like to prevent stress-shielding?
  • Would you like to prevent a secondary surgery for removal or implant failure?
  • How would you like to design smaller, thinner and/ or stronger resorbable implants?
  • What if you could actually encourage wound healing with an implant material?
  • What if manufacturing routes could be as easy as injection molding?



If you would like to explore any of these questions further then FiberLive may be right for your next-generation orthopedic implants. 

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