Polymer partnerships: How we work with customers daily

As your solution provider for resorbable polymers we are with you every step of the way, from the early stages of product development to final market introduction…

Co-development is key to our biomedical strategy, and today we work with a select group of medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

Bespoke product development in biomaterials

Sometimes co-development involves looking beyond the scope of our current technology platforms for your product development.

For example, PURASORB® is our main product family. But we are ready and able to create new polymer compositions – which can be scaled-up parallel to your existing  product development.

Furthermore, we offer the ICHQ7 compliant commercial scale production of these custom-developed PURASORB products.

Early stage product development

We’ll help you in the early stages of your product development with everything from polymer composition to specifications and processing or formulation technology.

This includes supplying you with samples of different polymer compositions for your evaluation - as well as bringing in qualified resorbable device contract manufactures for device development.




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