Making the everyday extraordinary with biobased succinic acid

In 2009, BASF and Corbion partnered together to research the possibility of producing biobased succinic acid. The result was Succinity®.

Combining common goals

The two companies brought together unique skills under a common objective: to make the world a more sustainable place. BASF brought its fermentation expertise and market insights to the table, complementing Corbion’s downstream processing capabilities.

Succinity® was created using an innovative production process, combining high efficiency with the transformation of renewable materials, such as biomass, starch and sugar. As an added benefit, carbon dioxide is also captured during the process, to lower greenhouse gas emissions and help achieve our overarching aim of creating a circular economy. Succinity® can be used as a direct replacement to petrochemically-derived succinic acid in traditional applications, like biodegradable polymers, polyurethanes, plasticizers and industrial solvents.

Rising to the challenge

The partnership between Corbion and BASF is still standing strong; now it’s focusing on the next big challenge of expanding the applications of Succinity® even further. Work is ongoing to further push the development of biopolymers – in particular, for the production of polybutylene succinate (PBS). Growth is expected in this area as the availability of biobased succinic acid also rises, lowering production costs and providing a boost to business.

PBS has the potential to be 100% biobased. The ongoing creation of succinic acid and 1.4-Butanediol (BDO) from renewable resources has unlocked this opportunity. PBS has gained increasing attention as a key building block in the creation of new bioplastics that require high temperature stability. The possible applications for PBS are exciting – ranging from electronics, to food packaging, like tea cups, plates and bowls. Its biodegradability also sets it apart from other materials, meaning PBS can be used in agricultural mulch films, too.

At Corbion, the possibilities are endless, and together we can create sustainable products and solutions to add to your biobased toolkit.

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