Mathieu Vrijsen

Chairman Supervisory Board / Chairman Appointment and Governance Committee / member Remuneration Committee and Science and Technology Committee

Mathieu Vrijsen

Mr. Mathieu Vrijsen (Chairman) (1947)

Nationality: Dutch
Previous positions:
Senior VP Global Operations and Engineering of E.I. du Pont de Nemourrs & Company (Duppont), US; Various positions at DuPont, US
Supervisory directorships:
Broadview Holding; Casco Phil, Belgium
Additional Position: Senior External Advisor McKinsey

First appointed in 2013
Current term of office: 2021-2023

Mathieu Vrijsen was appointed at the annual General Meeting of Shareholders in May 2013. His current term of office runs from2021 - 2023.

Mathieu Vrijsen served as Senior Vice President Global Operations and Engineering at DuPont. Prior to that, he held various positions at DuPont.

Currently, he serves as Chairman of Broadview Holding, Casco Phil, Belgium and the Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra of Belgium, and Board Member of the Antwerp Spring Festival.

Mathieu Vrijsen holds the Dutch nationality and was born in 1947.