Sustainable DHA for aquaculture

At Corbion, we are committed to protecting the planet for current and future generations.

We also know the importance of good nutrition – for animals as well as people – so we continually look for new, more sustainable ways to deliver health-supporting ingredient solutions.

Aquaculture in demand

Global demand for omega-3 long-chain fatty acids – especially DHA – in aquaculture, human, and animal nutrition markets is growing rapidly. And for years, humans have farmed fish to create oil to feed fish. The time has come for a more sustainable solution.


Straight from the source: DHA direct from algae

As the original source of marine DHA, algae can help reduce our dependency on fish oil in aquaculture and support animal, ocean, and human health more sustainably. Produced using proprietary fermentation technology, AlgaPrime™ DHA has become the world's leading source of algae-based DHA ingredients for aquaculture, production, and companion animals.

AlgaPrime™ DHA supports animal health while addressing the crucial supply gap with an abundant, sustainable, and healthy aquaculture solution.


The power of omega-3s

It's no surprise that DHA ingredients are in demand; numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of long-chain omega-3s for human brain, eye, and heart health. Many countries now actively encourage their populations to eat oily fish to ensure sufficient DHA in their diets.

Now there is also growing evidence that omega-3s support these same benefits in animals and contribute to a healthy diet for a wide range of aquaculture, production, and companion animals.

To maximize omega-3 content, fish must consume DHA themselves. That's where Corbion plays an enabling role by supplying sustainable microalgae directly to the global aquaculture sector.


A shorter, simpler, more sustainable supply chain

Historically, the aquaculture industry has depended on a long and complex supply chain, starting with microalgae and involving plankton, sea fishing, and oil extraction, in order to feed fish oil to fish. But with AlgaPrime™, essential DHA is obtained from algae that we grow sustainably ourselves through fermentation and supply directly to aquaculture businesses.


Benefits for shrimp and salmon

For both shrimp and salmon farmers, AlgaPrime™ DHA delivers multiple benefits:

  • It's cost-effective: With AlgaPrime™ DHA, the aquaculture industry can increase production efficiency and develop new strains with higher omega-3 content. Meanwhile, large supply volumes also help drive down costs.
  • It's produced at scale: Our plant in Brazil can facilitate rapid growth for the next 5-10 years, and we continue to focus on optimizing our process to improve output.
  • It's sustainable: AlgaPrime™ DHA is sustainably produced using renewable energy and cane sugar as a feedstock, so our carbon, water, and land-use impacts are low.
  • It's clean and safe: AlgaPrime™ DHA microalgae are grown in closed fermentation tanks and do not contain persistent organic pollutants that naturally accumulate in fish oil.
  • It's reliable: AlgaPrime™ DHA provides supply chain resilience and enables on-demand production.
  • It's consistent: Produced via fermentation, AlgaPrime™ DHA provides a high-quality, abundant source of omega-3 fatty acids at consistently high levels.

The higher levels of omega-3s generated by AlgaPrime™ DHA support salmon health and provide important nutrition for consumers. DHA-rich algae can also contribute to better pigmentation and higher retention of omega-3s in the fillet.


Forward-thinking science

With a history of groundbreaking R&D in algae strain development and fermentation excellence, Corbion is now the world's leading producer of algal DHA. Our research team has spent decades screening thousands of algae strains to identify the most productive, efficient, appealing, and nutritious types in order to meet your growing needs.

Our innovation capabilities are second to none. Corbion's algae R&D group, based near Silicon Valley in California, enables our customers to benefit from our expertise in all phases of development, from R&D to pilot testing and full scale-up production.

The level of knowledge, experience, and resources we offer make Corbion your partner of choice for algal DHA ingredients.

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Sustainable DHA for aquaculture

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