Ingredient solutions for poultry feed

For poultry farmers worldwide, promoting gut health in their birds is a priority.

Poor gut health compromises digestion, leading to poor feed conversion and a greater susceptibility to disease.

Corbion's biobased lactic acid-based feed ingredients help improve poultry gut health, leading to better performance and reduced food safety risks.

The power of lactic acid

Lactic acids have been proven to positively influence the performance of broilers, improving body weight and feed conversion ratio. Corbion's poultry feed ingredients are harnessing the power of lactic acid to raise the standards of animal care and create safer poultry products for everyone.


Discover how our ingredient solutions for poultry feed can enhance your poultry offering:

More efficient digestion

ALOAPUR® is Corbion's latest innovation for helping farmers improve poultry digestion. Biodegradable and manufactured using biorenewable feedstocks, the lactylate in ALOAPUR® helps maintain optimal gut functionality and performance in a safe and natural way.

Download the ALOAPUR® brochure now.

Corbion also offers LAFEED 80®, a feed-grade lactic acid with an appealing taste that enhances both nutrient uptake and phosphorus retention.


Stepping up food safety

Better poultry health can also improve food safety. Our lactic acid, PURAC® DW, is specially designed for addition into drinking water to protect against microbial contamination. It also helps prevent Escherichia coli and Salmonella contamination in poultry meat.


Fewer cracked and broken eggs

The loss of eggs to cracking and breakage is virtually unavoidable, but the economics of your business depend on minimizing that loss, especially with high-value eggs from dam broilers or dam layers.
Our poultry feed ingredient, CALFEED®, which contains calcium lactate, can help reduce the incidence of cracked and broken eggs. This additional calcium is also beneficial during and after molting.

Both lactic acid and calcium lactate are safe for use in on-farm feed manufacturing.

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