Aloapur - Gut health management an inside job

An antibiotic free animal feed additive.

Getting the right blend

Insights reveal the role that lactylates – esters of lactic acid and specifically selected medium-chain fatty acids – have in achieving superior animal performance without the use of antibiotics in livestock feed.

In fact, in vitro trials have shown that lactylates have greater bacterial activity against C. perfringens, and other gram-positive bacteria, compared to MCFAs alone, thus promoting a healthy gut. Data collected from boiler trails. For instance, studies in swine highlight a positive relationship between lactylates and improved weight gain, better feed conversion ratio, and lower mortality, as well as overall animal health and well-being.

Polishing up performance

Corbion ALOAPUR® is an antibiotic free animal feed additive that optimizes gut balance, supports animal health and performance, and is a very effective bio-based solution against gram positive bacteria in the gut and:

  • Clostridia bacteria
  • Gram positive pathogenic bacteria
  • Streptococcus suis
  • Staphylococcus.

Optimal gut balance leads to a healthy gastrointestinal tract of animals, higher yield, improved profitability, and less hassle and worries during animal production. Allowing the farmer to deliver ethically superior quality meat to discerning consumers who demand transparency about the food they eat while anticipating regulatory/governmental changes.

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