Aloapur - Smart livestock farming is a choice

Growing global population leads to increasing demand for meat, increased food safety awareness, and intensification of agriculture and livestock farming systems.

The ever-growing environmental pressure drives the need for more sustainable solutions in the entire food chain, from farm to fork.

ALOAPUR® provides an effective solution for achieving superior animal performance and basic animal nutrition, even in the absence of antibiotics. 

Feeding the world is no small feat and addressing this “storm” will necessitate smarter production, nutritional optimization, as well as increased focus on animal well-being and welfare.

But where to start and how to prepare?

Making the switch

Within the shifting landscape of the protein industry, biotechnology and optimal gastrointestinal functionality play a crucial factor for sustainable animal production:

  • A good flora needs to be established
  • It needs to be maintained
  • The bad bacteria needs to be controlled

Effective functionality of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and its condition are important factors in improving animal performance (growth, yield, meat, and egg quality), animal welfare, livestock nutrition, and profitability as well.

Driver for change

ALOAPUR®, containing lactylates, esters of lactic acid, and specifically selected medium-chain fatty acids is a natural, safe, and biobased effective feed ingredient in livestock feed for animal gut health improvement, suitable for implementation in livestock premix feed and compound feed. It is a holistic approach to support gut balance and optimizes key performance factors such as feed conversion ratio (FCR) and body weight. It is formulated as a free-flowing powder with a diatomaceous earth carrier with excellent properties.

ALOAPUR® in brief:

  • For regulation of gram positive bacteria
  • More effective than MCFA’s
  • Does not contribute to antibiotic resistance
  • Improve robustness against infection
  • Positive impact on zootechnical performances
  • Optimizes feed conversion 

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