Aloapur supports gut health for improved animal performance

Looking to optimize animal health while cutting antibiotic use?

ALOAPUR® is an effective solution against gram-positive bacteria and focuses specifically on intestinal health.

By promoting gut health, ALOAPUR supports the overall health of your animals and enhances key performance factors such as FCR and BW.

Achieve superior animal performance while significantly reducing the use of antibiotics.

ALOAPUR® also offers excellent physical properties such as; free flowing, non-caking, and neutral/no odor. 

ALOAPUR® can help you:

  • Boost efficiency and profitability
  • Improve overall animal performance (FCR and BW)
  • Support intestinal health
  • Cut veterinary costs and reduce hassle
  • Reduce antibiotics usage and fight against antibiotic resistance

ALOAPUR® is a safe, proven solution for achieving superior animal performance, even in the absence of antibiotics. When applied in animal feed, it helps promote the overall health of your animals by supporting gut health, thereby enhancing performance.

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