Aloapur - User friendly efficiency

An antibiotic free animal feed additive.

When applied in animal feed, it helps stimulate growth and reduce feed conversion ratio while maximizing, thereby enhancing performance and animal nutrition.

It also offers excellent physical properties:

  • Free-flowing powder makes it easy to integrate into novel feed premixes and compounds
  • No caking, also in warmer climates
  • Neutral odor
  • Thermal stable
  • It is easy to make pellets out of this
  • No special storage conditions required

ALOAPUR® can be applied in the feed of following species:

  • Swine feed (piglets, sows, and fattening pigs)
  • Poultry feed (broilers, turkeys, breeders, laying hens, and other species)
  • Rabbit feed
  • Ruminants feed (veal)

Prepare your livestock farming with smart and healthy growth solution

Gut performance is an essential part of successful feeding programs within a holistic framework that includes animal nutrition, management, cost-of-ownership, and biosecurity. The shift towards a sustainable meat production has profound strategic, financial, and technological implications. Corbion is a reliable company with global presence, that knows the importance of feed additives in animal nutrition, providing a solution to help livestock farmers develop a complete approach in farming together with our partners. Combining project experience within the field of agriculture, livestock farming and food with strategic partnerships and antimicrobial testing capabilities, we work together with you in shaping the future of food by helping farmers prepare for what's next.

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