Non-PHO emulsifiers

Make the switch to non-PHO without missing a beat

Say goodbye to PHOs without losing functionality and quality. Ensemble is a re-engineered collection of Corbion's most popular PHO containing emulsifiers: Alphadim, BFP, GMS, and Starplex. 

Each one is different, but they all share the same goal: deliver drop-in functionality without sacrificing quality, handling, or shelf stability. 


Why switch?

Today’s successful food companies can’t afford major disruptions, which is why the FDA’s announcement to no longer certify PHOs as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) is a such a big deal. In order to keep products and business booming, finding a suitable replacement is essential.

ENSEMBLE is more than a suitable replacement. For a variety of markets, including bakery, beverages, confections, dairy/non-dairy, and processed foods, it’s a perfect swap. Why? This collection of non-PHO emulsifiers performs nearly identically to its PHO-derived counterparts. You can drop it in without missing a beat.

No reformulation hurdles. No operational disruptions. From breads to puddings and beyond, you’ll maintain the same flavor and texture without sacrificing quality, handling, or shelf life. You’ll not only meet FDA regulations but also continue to satisfy your consumers with the foods they love with no interruption. 


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