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Our ingredient solutions help the makers of sauces, dressings, and condiments achieve the combination of flavor, texture, and longer shelf life they want in their products.

Acidification for ideal flavor and longer shelf life

A growing number of consumers today are drawn to foods free from chemical additives and those with a healthier nutritional profile (less sugar, sodium, and fat), but they also want the same great flavors, textures, and extended shelf life they’ve always wanted in their favorite sauces, dressings, and condiments.

That challenges manufacturers to choose the acidifiers that will protect against spoilage organisms in the absence of artificial preservatives and give their shelf-stable product the taste of a market winner.

Although vinegar (acetic acid) is most commonly used in these applications – in part for its antimicrobial benefits – it can be overly sharp in flavor, often requiring the inclusion of other acids to achieve the desired flavor. Corbion has mastered the art and science of using a different acidifier – lactic acid, with its unique, long-lasting, yet mild taste – to offset the intense flavor of stronger acids while providing the microbial control needed to create a shelf stable product. Our lactic acid helps you create a perfectly balanced flavor that will complement other notes, such as tomato, herbs, and cheese. Achieving the ideal acidity also improves color stability and prevents unblanched vegetables from softening. Our PURAC® portfolio includes a range of products varying from natural L- lactic acid in a variety of concentrations to buffered-blends with other organic acids. PURAC natural L-lactic acid and PURASAL® (our sodium or potassium lactates) have demonstrated a high efficacy against bacteria that are less affected by many other acids.


A portfolio built around your challenges

  • There’s even more to know about the benefits that come with our solutions for achieving longer product shelf life.

  • We can also help you create low-salt versions of your products with solutions for sodium reduction.

  • Learn more about our PURAC® L-lactic acid and why it’s the ideal replacement for vinegar in your sauces, dressings, and condiments.


Corbion solutions can help you:

  • Extend shelf life

  • Acidify products

  • Enhance flavor

  • Reduce sodium

  • Enable consumer-friendly labeling


Stay in sync with these industry trends:

  • Free of artificial preservatives

  • Consumer-friendly labeling

  • Greater convenience

  • Healthier options


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