Unlock the power of biomedical polymers for healthcare innovation success

We are passionate about co-creating solutions and new technologies that improve patients’ lives.

Our bioresorbable polymers have been developed to support life-changing medical and pharmaceutical products and meet the growing need for patient-friendly and economically sustainable solutions across both industries.

From tissue regeneration to cosmetics and drug delivery applications, our polymer technology can accelerate your innovations’ routes to market. 

At Corbion, we understand that patients always come first. Over the last 45 years, we have gathered the experience and knowledge in polymerization technologies and chemistries of the industry so we can help accelerate your healthcare innovations to market. All while minimizing risk.

Our comprehensive PURASORB® polymer portfolio is not only consistently high quality, but it is tailored to suit your formulation requirements – and we can advise on everything from polymer processing and regulatory issues to QA/QC issues along the way. 

From idea to market, we aim to make your development process as seamless as possible. Plus, we have the collaborative, co-creative mindset you need in a partner. With decades of in-depth experience across the sector, we have the specialized know-how to support your innovation and success.


Explore what makes Corbion your partner of choice:

Cutting-edge medical devices

We can help you create advanced medical devices with our portfolio of resorbable polymers. From orthopedics to tissue regeneration, we can advise on the right polymer to suit your specific application. Explore how Corbion can help you shape the future of healthcare >> [Link to medical devices page]


Controlled drug delivery

Our GMP-grade polymers can be used for controlled drug delivery, enabling active ingredients to be regulated over days, weeks, or months with a single dose. We use our experience to help you develop innovative products with the right patient profile, chemical characteristics, and degradation mechanism to suit your needs. Discover how we can co-develop tomorrow’s drug formulations in an accurate, safe, and reliable way >> [Link to drug delivery page]


Flexible range of PURASORB® polymers

Our cutting-edge PURASORB® resorbable polymers are ideal for a variety of medical and pharmaceutical applications, including controlled drug delivery and biodegradable medical devices. FDA-approved and GMP-grade, PURASORB® polymers are designed to degrade or dissolve in the human body before being entirely resorbed. Plus, we offer customization options through PURASORB® R&D to meet your specific requirements, as well as comprehensive support including a quality-by-design approach. Find out more >> [Link to PURASORB page]


Co-development and scale-up services

We use our vast experience to help our partners bring new, life-saving technologies and products to market – all to GMP-standard. With extensive experience in polymer technology and a broad portfolio, we can support your product’s route-to-market every step of the way. Our multiple and ICHQ7-compliant production sites are also ideal for enabling you to scale up your proprietary  bioresorbable polymer technology. Start your co-development journey >> [Link to services page] 

For more information on Corbion’s biomaterials offering click here. [link to contact us]


Explore what makes Corbion your partner of choice

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