Clean Label Bakery Ingredients

Our clean label baking solutions appeal to consumer demands for simplified, cleaner ingredient declarations in baked goods.

The days of routine grocery shopping are long gone.

Consumers are paying more attention to what goes into the products they consume, looking at labels and striving to make more educated purchase decisions. What they hope to find is a relatively short list of ingredients that are easily recognizable.

Although there is no set definition of “clean label,” the benefit of these products—in consumers’ minds—generally equates to an easy-to-understand ingredient statement that doesn’t elicit questions on what’s included in the food. While perceptions vary, for most consumers, clean label involves the fewest number of ingredients and contains nothing harmful or overly processed.

Balancing Ingredients with Consumer Choice Drivers

With a diverse range of products comes a series of challenges for formulators as they develop cleaner-label versions yet still adhere to processing and shelf-life requirements. Even though simpler ingredients and shorter labels are becoming an expectation for many consumers, they’re not willing to trade cleaner labels for diminished quality or taste.

Developing a clean label bread product can be a complex process, as it oftentimes involves removing or replacing highly functional ingredients traditionally used for specific purposes. This rebalancing of ingredients can affect the product’s shelf life, flavor, texture and other key characteristics that consumers expect to remain similar.

A strong understanding of these market forces driving demand for clean label bread products, as well as a mastery of functional performance and sensory requirements, is necessary to bring these new items to market successfully.

Give Consumers What They Want

The clean label product category is growing, with no signs of slowing down. Developing a solid formulation that focuses on health, while offering a cleaner label with good taste, texture and tolerance, is critical to ensure consumer acceptance and, ultimately, market success.

Corbion's been partnering with customers for years to develop clean label formulas. Our application team and technical services group work together with you to develop and implement clean label bakery formulas that are right for you and desired by consumers. 

A Pristine Solution

Corbion's Pristine line of dough conditioners helps manufacturers reduce or remove unfriendly ingredients and oxidations systems from formulas, without sacrificing quality or taste of your finished bakery products. 

By using our Pristine Solutions, you'll be able to:

  • Satisfy consumer demands for clean label bakery products
  • Enhance the quality and consistency of dough throughout the production process
  • Improve the bottom line through reduced formula costs, less waste and/or improved manufacturing performance.

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