If you use citric acid to acidify your beverage products, you may be passing up some important functional benefits. Corbion’s lactic acid solution delivers a number of advantages over citric acid that can improve your product and its performance.

Our natural PURAC® FIT Plus lactic acid enables full or partial replacement of citric acid in beverages by delivering a milder sour flavor profile that lasts longer and improves the intensity of red fruits, orchard fruits, and dairy flavors. It also masks the lingering, often cloying effects of high-intensity sweeteners like Stevia, sucralose and aspartame. But that’s just where the advantages begin. 

Curb precipitation scaling

Processing parameters (such as temperature) and your choice of acid and mineral ingredients can trigger the formation of solid salts, which can cause process and quality issues as well as higher cleaning costs. But PURAC FIT Plus gives you better control of your processing environment and reduces precipitation scaling, thanks to the extremely high solubility of the ingredient and its lactate salts. For you, that means improved product quality issues and lower energy and maintenance costs.

Inhibit spoilage, stabilize color

To create a juice-based beverage with superior shelf life, it is essential to inhibit the growth of Alicyclobacillus, a spoilage organism that can survive pasteurization and acidic environments. In addition to controlling vegetative cells and spores of Alicyclobacillus, PURAC FIT Plus also provides an extra hurdle against yeast and mold.

Time on the shelf can also fade the anthocyanins (natural red-purple pigments found in fruit and vegetable sources) that give your beverage its beautiful color. Here, too, PURAC FIT Plus can help by increasing anthocyanin stability as much as 50% compared to citric acid.

Better flavor. Better quality. Longer shelf life. All things considered, Corbion’s lactic acid solution can help you create a beverage that’s simply better all around.

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