We’re all looking far more closely at the ingredients found in the food we buy: And that starts with reading the label.

In the eyes of consumers, clean label generally equates to ingredients that they understand and recognize; that are natural and minimally processed; and contain no additives or preservatives.

And while its precise definition remains subjective, the defining challenge for our industry is clear: How do you remove ingredients from food without compromising product taste, texture, safety and shelf life?

The answer lies in biobased ingredients like lactic acid and lactates…plus plenty of knowhow.

Tackling a meaty challenge

For the meat industry, Verdad® is our family of natural and clean label solutions that deliver on food safety, shelf life and additional functionalities.

Our Verdad® Ferments are truly unique blends of cultured corn sugar and vinegar that provide food safety and extend shelf life without compromising the eating experience for consumers.

Verdad Vinegars are available in a liquid and powders, organic or low/no sodium and are our all natural solution for inhibiting Listeria and extending shelf life.

Verdad Avanta, includes unique natural blends designed to deliver beyond food safety and shelf life and enhance flavor and improve yield, texture, natural curing and freshness.


Rising to the occasion in baking

But of course clean label isn’t restricted to meat.

In the baking industry, our Pristine family of products has experienced double-digit growth in recent years by satisfying customer demand to reduce undesirable chemicals that are used in baking. 

Chemical conditioners and strengtheners like Azodicarbonamide (ADA), Bromate, Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Ester of Mono, and diglycerides (DATEM) are being replaced by the cleaner labeled combinations of ascorbic acid and enzymes found in Pristine. 

Bottom line: We are shortening ingredient declarations and removing ingredients that are unfamiliar and unwelcoming to today’s consumers without sacrificing the dough tolerance and finished product quality that both consumers and manufactures have grown to expect. 

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