Sugar inversion – the breakdown of sucrose into glucose and fructose – is an all-too-common pitfall for confectioners. Sticky hard candy, sticky fingers, sticky wrappers and loss of product form and structure caused by sugar inversion are interpreted by consumers as signs of poor quality or expired shelf life, leading to product rejection.

Our solution: Buffered lactic acid

The acid or acid combination you use to create your product’s distinctive flavor can either create a sugar inversion problem or elude it. Corbion’s PURAC® buffered lactic acid helps you:


  • Prevent sugar inversion by maintaining consistent pH and preserving gel strength
  • Create hard-boiled candies with differentiating sourness and fruit flavors
  • Achieve the sourness you want without altering pH, so the texture and quality of your candy remain stable

To speed your product development process, Corbion has used it decades of application expertise and scientific research to create a powerful predictive modeling tool. Our Sugar Inversion Tool helps accurately estimate both sourness and stability in hard-boiled candy so we can quickly identify the solution that delivers the optimal balance of sourness and shelf life you need.

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